About This Item:

Material: 100% PVA

Color: White

Weight: About 40gsm

Width: 63 Inches (160cm)

Length: 150 Yards

Package Size: 63″ x 150 Yards

Soluble Condition: <40℃ water for 10-20 seconds



Quick Dissolve

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and SGS Certified


Cold water soluble fabric stabilizer is mainly used in all kinds of high-grade underwear, lace, fashion and special fabrics. It provides temporary support for machine & hand embroidery. 

How to Use:

Just cut the desired size and embroider on it. After completing your embroidery project, simply immerse the design in water, and the stabilizer will disappear entirely without leaving any residue behind. 

Storage Tips:

Operation in the air with humidity of about 40%, after used, the remaining products should be sealed bag mouth to avoid moisture.

PS: If you require more, please feel free to email us (info@irononinterfacing.com).

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Cold Water Soluble Fabric Stabilizer, 63" x 150 Yards, White

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